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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our Web Based Payroll service. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us so that we can best help you.

Q: What are the benefits to outsourcing payroll?

There are numerous benefits. First, we have years of experience working with pastoral payroll, so you can have complete confidence in your payroll accuracy. In addition, we know all of the special regulations and exemptions that churches have, so you're not paying unnecessary tax. We handle all of the required IRS and state report filings and payments for you, so you'll never worry about missing a due date.

Q: Will a small church the size of ours be able to afford your services?

Yes. At Payroll for Pastors, we provide high-quality services at a small church pricepoint. For more information about pricing, please click here for a free quote.

Q: Do you only process payroll for local clients?

No! We have clients in many different states around the country.

Q: How do we report payroll to Payroll for Pastors?

You can report payroll via remote payroll entry, email, spreadsheet import, or client access.

Q: How do we ensure payroll is processed accurately?

Our submission processes were designed to eliminate the errors associated with manual data inputs. We're happy to process your payroll a day or two early so that you're able to review it.

Q: Does our church need a computer expert to use your payroll system?

Absolutely not. Our Web-based payroll system is designed to be as easy as possible for the client, allowing payroll to be completed with only a few clicks. To see how it works for yourself, take a look at our tutorial page and see how easy entering payroll will be.

Q: Is the online payroll system secure?

Yes. Your safety and security is one of our top priorities. Our NetClient CS portal allows you to take advantage of the same technology that banks and other financial institutions use, to give you around the clock online access in the most secure location available.

Q: Is confidential information about our church and employees safe?

Yes. Our system is a Class IV IBM certified data center - one of the 20 largest in the world, offering built-in redundancy, which allows for maintenance with minimal interruptions to the end user, secure password protection for local and remote access, and a 128-bit encryption.

Q: Who can access our online payroll account?

Only those people that are given confidential ID and Passwords have access to the online payroll account.

Q: How do our employees get paid?

Payroll checks can be issued either by direct deposit, paper checks, or a combination of the two.

Q: How does the money get to our employees?

The day after your payroll is processed, we transfer the total amount needed for payroll from your church’s bank account into our dedicated payroll clearing account. The next day funds are verified and then the following day funds are made available for us. We can then distribute the payroll into your employees’ bank accounts (i.e. initiate payroll on Monday for distribution to employees on Friday or initiate payroll on Tuesday for distribution to employees on Monday).

Q: Can our employees access their pay stubs?

If you utilize the additional Web Employee service, then employees will be able to access their pay stubs and W2’s directly.

Q: How do we receive our payroll reports?

Reports can be issued and received almost instantly via our online file exchange program, allowing you access as quickly as possible.

Q: How can we begin using your online payroll system?

To get started, please fill out this form to get a free quote or contact us directly at (262) 658-0420. We look forward to working with you!

Q: How much will our payroll processing cost?

Our services are tailored to each individual client. In order to get your free estimate of how much our services will cost your company, please fill out this form to receive a free quote or contact us directly at (262) 658-0420 to discuss your church's payroll processing needs.

Q: How do we pay for services?

Your processing fee is pulled via ACH debit on the last business day of the month.

Q: What if we receive a notice from the IRS or state department of revenue?

Just send it in to us—we'll follow up with the state or the IRS as necessary.

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