Kenosha, WI CPA / Payroll for Pastors

Scott Larsen, CPA, CFP, Founder

For over 20 years, Scott has helped hundreds of pastors and churches structure their accounting systems and salary packages.  He has guided many churches in developing stewardship and building programs.

Scott is widely regarded as the voice of reason in navigating financial issues facing churches today.  He is a pioneer in providing mega church administrative, financial, and tax services at small church pricing.  Scott has been married to his wife, Anna, for 25 years and they have two children. 


Tom Werth, Managing Partner

For 12 years, Tom served as the Business Administrator for a large church located in the Midwest. He was responsible for overseeing all of the churches finances including, payroll, benefits, budgeting, bookkeeping, financial reviews and reporting. He also served the church by providing individuals and couples with financial counseling, budget training, debt management and stewardship education. Tom's desire is to serve local churches and their pastors by offering a range of financial services through Payroll for Pastors. His experience and expertise help him to accurately assess the financial needs of both small and large churches, structure pastoral compensation packages and provide churches with cost effective financial solutions. Tom has been married to his wife, Mari, for 23 years and they have four children.